Sergey Stephanov: RF Foreign Ministry makes statement

Moscow calls for Israel and Palestine to take measures to cease the aggravating of the conflict, RF Foreign Ministry’s statement says. According to official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko urgent measures are required to “prevent terrorism, release Palestinian territories and restart the negotiations”. After a few acts, conducted by terrorists in Israel, Israeli armed forces inflicted retaliatory thrusts upon the districts of Palestine. As a result “the situation can grow into a large-scale conflict”. Besides, it is stressed in the statement that “there is no any excuse for terrorism which causes death of innocent people”. “However massive using of military force against Palestinian territories can make the political dialogue impossible”. Thus, the statement says that Israel should not return aggression for aggression. And it had better come to the agreement with “Palestine terrorists” by political means. But for some reason it was not mentioned in the statement that originally Israeli forces committed provocation. This provocation causes unequal reaction of the Palestinians. A few days ago mass discontent of Palestinians was caused by Sharon’s statements about the Israel’s intention to build a new Jewish settlement in the territory of Palestine. And this was only one of the examples. Besides, if Israel only responds to Palestinians acts of terrorism, why does it claim against entering of UN observers to the region? Palestinians, struggling for their independence are not Chechen militants. But Israel purposes colonialist aims. Everybody, including the Foreign Ministry, understands it. And everybody understands that Russia is not able to influence the international climate. However, it can call the “real” initiators of the conflict and show to the world, who is who. But in such a situation it would be better to withhold statements. It would only impart value to the word of Russia.

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