Russian government is preparing a statement to relieve RF economic policy from liabilities to IMF

The Russian government and Central Bank intend to make a statement on the country's economic policy in the current year that would relieve it from liabilities whatsoever to the International Monetary Fund, announced Vice-Premier and Finance Minister Aleksei Kudrin and Central Bank chief Viktor Gerashchenko. The joint statement will be made public in the next few days, maybe on April 1, according to Gerashchenko. Messrs. Kudrin and Gerashchenko confirmed Russia is not going to have a programme of cooperation with the IMF this year, RIA Novosti reports. The government afforded the move being confident that prospects for the country's economic development in 2001 are good enough and the current stability will persist, the vice-premier emphasized. The fact that Russia is lacking an official programme of cooperation with the IMF relieves it from the "necessity to report to the Fund on every clause", Kudrin said. However, the government in its statement will elaborate on all crucial reforms which were debated at recent talks with the IMF.