PRAVDA.Ru predictions confirmed: Half a million sheep to be burned on Monday in UK

As claimed by PRAVDA.Ru last week, it is now confirmed that half a million sheep are to be burned in the county of Cumbria tomorrow in the north of the United Kingdom. A massive funeral pyre is being prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture at a farm in Great Orton. To date, the foot and mouth crisis has cost the United Kingdom the equivalent of 50 million USD. There are rumours that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that half of the UK’s livestock may have to be slaughtered. As usual, where there are subsidies, there are financial malpractices and there are stories of sheep being moved around the country by farmers who control quota payments in this way. As usual, the financial side of this crisis is much more important that it would seem apparent at first sight. It is financially more viable for farmers to kill their herds of animals than to inoculate them against this virus by vaccination. PRAVDA.Ru’s accusations two weeks ago that the current crisis was caused by feeding pigs with infected meat from abroad was also confirmed. British farmers were criticised for not having followed basic safety measures in implementing government policies, such as heating pig feed to 100єC for 60 minutes before feeding it to the animals. Anybody who has ever kept a pig will raise an eyebrow at this. Since when has it been natural to heat pig swill to 100єC for an hour? No wonder the farming community is having problems. Once again, unnatural agricultural practices, violations of the environment and outrages against mother nature create natural consequences. When will man learn that to interfere with the laws of nature invites problems?


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Author`s name Editorial Team