Nuclear power in Russia is surrounded with myths

Robert Nigmatulin is an author of one of three draft laws on storage and utilisation of activated nuclear fuel. The bills were to be discussed today, in the course of the State Duma sitting. However they were removed from the agenda. “Such countries as France and England are engaged in utilisation of activated nuclear fuel”, Robert Nigmatulin said to PRAVDA.Ru journalist. “Japan is planning to go in for such kind of business, too. When turning uranium 238 into plutonium, we get raw materials as a result. Assume that we will be run of uranium and other kinds of fuel in 80 or 100 years. But utilising it we will guarantee the energy future of the world for a few thousand years forward. We have everything we need for it: advanced technologies, intellectual and material basis, skilled workers. This project may bring about 1 billion dollars a year. We can spend this money for rehabilitation of radiationally polluted regions. USA spend for its “ecology” about 10 billion dollars every year. We can’t afford it: our budget makes up only 40 milliard dollars. Therefore there is no another alternative for us. It will be added that prominent Russian scientists, experts in this subject, support this draft law. But in out country the attitude to the nuclear power is rather strange: it is surrounded with myths.” Today’s removing of this matter from the Duma agenda is evidence of this statement.

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