State Duma Depute: do we really need a new Caribbean crisis in order to start a dialog?

The tension caused by sending a group of Russian journalists out of USA, increases. 6 persons are already declared personas non grata on the suspicion of espionage. It is rumoured that about 50 other persons are to be probably sent out. PRAVDA.Ru correspondent asked the State Duma depute Alexander Piskunov to comment on the situation. Alexander Piskunov took part in the negotiations about the ratification of many important treaties of the last decade on nuclear and other weapons. “It sounds like nonsense that so many people, accused of espionage, are to be send out. I am sure that both Russia and USA understand that no one country can afford the maintenance of so many spies. The possible meeting of the American administration officials with the representatives of Chechen terrorists as well as today’s campaign to send out Russian diplomats proves that the unfounded confrontation between our countries began. There is direct evidence that competition in the firmness of the positions takes place. And I think that it will not do good to neither Russia nor USA. The development of the geopolitical, economical and military situations in the world indicates that we should support each other. It is quite clear that the stability of US dollar is compensated by Russian minerals in many respects. Actually US dollar became the main currency in Russia, and the condition of dollar in many respects depends on Russia, too. The way the negotiations between our countries will be conducted is very important for Russians, who have savings in dollars. Do we really need a new Caribbean crisis in order to begin negotiations and come to an agreement about the main principles of our relations?"

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