Hague court turns on Albanians

Alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Albanians against Serbs are to be investigated by the Hague Court. Chief Prosecutor Carle del Ponte stated at a press conference: “Two new investigations have been opened for possible violations of the laws and customs of war and crimes against humanity”. These investigations are to investigate crimes committed in Kosovo and southern Serbia from June 1999 onwards. Meanwhile, two Yugoslav army soldiers are reported to have been abducted by Albanians in Veliki Trnovci, near Bujanovac. This incident could seriously damage the truce agreed recently between Albanian separatists in the Presevo valley and the Serbian authorities and puts into question whether the Albanians want peace. Yesterday morning, five mortar shells were fired by the separatists at Yugoslav police positions near Bujanovac. These attacks raise a serious question mark over the practicality of France’s proposal to negotiate with the Albanians after a ceasefire is agreed. Russia’s Ambassador at the UN, Sergei Lavrov, stated that this proposal does not address the problem in depth. He has called on the UN Security Council to take more stringent measures, should the violence continue. The recent unilateral truce declared by the Albanian separatists is not popular among all the UCK commanders and there is evidence that a build-up of arms is taking place in the region. The Russian Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov, received information that the number of extremist Albanian fighters was 5,000 operatives in the area, who wish to force the Macedonians and Yugoslav authorities to use force against them, constituting an excuse for all-out war. Meanwhile Kfor seized large quantities of arms in Kosovo on a mule train headed south into Macedonia. In a clear sign of the international community’s lack of patience with the Albanians, US military chief of staff in Kosovo, Col. Tom Gross, stated : “The weapons seizure is a pay-off for tough patrolling and actively engaging the local population for information. Multinational Brigade East will not allow these groups to use Kosovo as a safe haven to conduct their operations.” Having armed the Albanians, having trained them and equipped them, the USA shows clear signs of recognising that its foreign policy in this arena has been as disastrous and unjust as in so many other spheres of operation around the world. Maybe the time has come for them to see Light.


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