Macedonians will have to fight against the international terrorism alone

Macedonian authorities said that the governmental troops were going to attack the North-western territories of the country, which had been captured by Albanian rebels. The military forces are being concentrated in Tetovo. However western military experts consider that the government of Macedonia does not have enough resources to carry out a protracted war against the revels. To all appearances, a protracted war really awaits for Macedonia. And, very likely, this small country will have to fight against international terrorism purely by own strength, relying only on the assistance of volunteers of the former Yugoslavia and “humanitarian aid”, and without essential support of international forces. The US State department reported that NATO forces were not to interfere in the Macedonian events. It is clear: active support to the Macedonian troops will mean that NATO acknowledges the complete defeat of its policy with respect to the “oppressed” Albanians of Kosovo. Therefore NATO would rather maintain neutrality. High Commissioner of the European Unit for international affairs Javier Solana said that the European Union was to support Yugoslavia in political and economical respects. But actually the European community cannot provide a real assistance to Yugoslavia because a unified policy of concrete actions at Balkans is not worked out. One can agree with Russian Academician Moiseyev, who created the theory of the Nuclear Winter, that now in the West there is no any brilliant strategist who can count the consequences of their actions forward, for long-range outlook. Realization of the motto “the great Albania” was a surprise for the western leaders. Maybe they had to pay more attention to studying Balkan history.

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