European Unit blackmails Russia with the question of Kursk lifting

The operation to lift Kursk sub is to be postponed till autumn because of lack of finance, reported yesterday. Interesting details were found out on Monday. Russia and the European Unit really cannot come to an agreement about the finance, but, it is the European Unit, but not Russia, who refuses to invest the operation. But it is not the matter of money, it is a matter of politics. “Actually, the problem of finance concerns some discrepancy between Russia and the EU: western countries don’t want to allocate money until Moscow agrees to take part in the EU programme to utilise nuclear waste in the North-west of Russia,” Rio Praaning said. “This ecological programme is not approved by Russian Duma yet, though Russian government is not against it, but it wants to receive the money to lift Kursk at first. The European Unit doesn’t agree with such a proposal”. “I think that if Vladimir Putin personally states that Russia is ready to settle the problem of the nuclear waste utilisation, the money to lift Kursk will be allocated before Duma ratifies the programme of the utilisation”, Praaning said. So, if Russia agrees, the money will be found immediately. The operation will not be postponed, and all the problems will disappear. As regards the agreements, achieved last year, do they really matter as compared with a chance to drive Russia into a corner…

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