Slowly destroying Buddha, Taleban is enjoying the world’s weakness

According to some independent sources in Afghanistan, ancient statues of the Buddha are already ruined. The whole world was struggling for the statues. UN Secretary-General Koffi Annan, who is in Pakistan now, described the Taleban's acts as a disservice to themselves and to Islam. The destruction of the huge ancient statues was controlled by the Taleban Defence Minister personally. Taleban's Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil, talking to Kofi Annan, said that the destruction of the statues was well under way, though the statues had been already almost completely destroyed. One should note that the Taleban has been destroying the Buddha statues for a long time, and, very likely, has been enjoying the process. The news about blasting of fragments of the stone colossi has been regularly arriving from Afghanistan in the course of two weeks. It looks like a PR action, meant for the deep resonance in the world community, in order to make everybody know what the Taleban is, and to stress that the Taleban is not going to listen to anybody’s advance. Afghanistan deliberately makes an outcast of itself. And the attempts to persuade the Taleban to stop the vandalism, to all appearances, give the Afghan authorities real pleasure. It is hard to believe that in the state, waging war for a few decades, there are no any experts in blasting, who can raze the statues to the ground during the day. But the Taleban does not need it. Gradual destruction of the statues gives more pleasure to their destroyers. It makes them enjoy the weakness of the defenders of the statues. So, the more voices against the vandalism will sound, the more high-rank officials will arrive in Afghanistan to persuade local authorities to stop it, and the more terrifying details of the destruction of the ancient relics will be reported from the state.

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