The war in invisible front: one “Russian spy” released, two others detained has already reported that a former cipher clerk of the National Security Agency (NSA), Petty Officer Daniel King, charged with espionage in favour of Russia, has been released from the military prison, and the case launched against him has been dropped. The investigators did not have enough proofs of his espionage activity. At the same time the information about the detention of two Russian spies was received from Bulgaria. Defence Ministry official Liliana Gesheva and retired colonel Yani Yanev were detained there. They are suspected of spying, though official sources do not report for what country. It has only been announced that Gesheva provided secret documents to Yanev. The retied colonel took the documents to an embassy of some state. Reports that Yanev was detained near Russian embassy has already appeared in Bulgarian mass media. One Bulgarian issue reports that Yanev, detained not far from Russian embassy, was spying in favour of Serbia. It is essential to note that the number of detained Russian spies began to rapidly increase recently. And the accusations turns out to be unjust every time. The same thing is going on in Russia: a sequence of spy scandals, connected with Russian armed forces officers, Pope’s case, an arrest of American citizen, accused of arrangement of a drug-addicts’ den in Russia. It will be recalled that in the beginning this case was introduced as an arrest of an American spy. To all appearances, the world began to play espionage again, as it had already happened during the Cold War. We will scarcely ever find out, who was the first to start this game. Apparently, today’s report from Bulgaria is not the last announcement of that kind. The war in invisible front is at its height.

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