NATO lets Albanian terrorists go free in Macedonia

After surrounding a group of about 30 Albanian terrorists in Mijak, on the Kosovo/Macedonia border, Kfor troops asked the terrorists to surrender. The Albanians refused…and after some tense moments, the order came through from higher command to allow them to walk free, into Macedonia! Exactly why NATO forces adopt this softly-softly approach against Albanians, when they are so blatantly anti-Slav, raises certain doubts as to their integrity and competence to be doing what they claimed to be competent to do. As the population in Skopje becomes tangibly nervous as it fears being caught up in the middle of yet another Balkans war, the decision by American (who else?) troops to let the Albanian terrorists to walk free – into the country they were attacking – does nothing to improve NATO’s already negative image both in the region and outside. Even US troops were stupefied by the decision to let the terrorists go. One corporal is reported to have been embarrassed: “It’s embarrassing…they were trapped. We could have at least arrested them”. It has even been suggested that NATO believes the troublemakers are the Macedonians. A local Albanian shepherd was quoted by an English journalist as saying: “The Americans are our allies and they understand that it is the Macedonians causing the problems”. As ridiculous as this notion may seem, nothing that one learns about NATO would surprise anyone greatly these days. An example of the total ignorance of the region, displayed by the western forces sent to perform tasks they themselves do not even understand, was given not by NATO (this time) but by the head of the UN mission in Kosovo. He stated that there was not any evidence to prove that the Albanian terrorists operating in Macedonia were being supported from Kosovo. Such a statement is scandalous, but on careful analysis, it says all. The KLA in Kosovo was never properly disarmed, the handling of the whole Balkans situation by the United Nations has been well-meaning, as usual, but inadequate, as always and NATO’s performance has yet again been nothing less than criminal. President Vojislav Kostunica of Yugoslavia has again criticised Kfor of “stimulating aspirations of a Greater Albania. Is NATO a military or a humanitarian organisation? What is the reason for its presence there?” The suspicion begins to arise that the KLA was stimulated, equipped, armed and actively encouraged by some seditious, evil, manipulative power, indeed a new Empire of Evil. One questions which.


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