A mine placed by Albanian insurgents into Macedonia has killed two members of the Macedonian security forces and has seriously wounded a third. As the situation degenerates with Albanian terrorists creating a climate of fear, the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) pledges its support for military action against the Albanian-Kosovar insurgents. The mine was placed only 30 kilometres north of the Macedonian capital, Skopje, near Tanusevci. Albanian sniper fire was also reported in this region. This mountainous area was taken by the Albanians a month ago. The President of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski, has repeatedly asked for aid from abroad but NATO, in its wisdom, has advised the Macedonian authorities to use the minimum force possible, claiming that the use of arms will exacerbate the situation further. American soldiers from NATO’s Kfor force state that they have been patrolling the area to stop the Albanian insurgents’ activity…not very well, obviously. It seems even that NATO is either afraid of the Albanians or is helping them to create a Greater Albania, a spectre which would have monstruous consequences for the whole region. The OSCE, however, has other ideas : “We appreciate the policy of contention by the (Macedonian) army and police forces after two weeks of provocation. After today’s events, we understand and support a strong military reply to try to control the situation”, said OSCE spokesman Carlo Ungaro.


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