Active negation technology: official name provided by Pentagon for new instrument of torture

Pravda.Ru revealed earlier today a complaint from the Amnesty International America report, accusing the USA of exporting equipment for the torture of human beings. Now the Pentagon reveals to the world’s press that it has developed a new weapon: Active Negation Technology, a device which sends an energy ray which disables, but does not kill. The Pentagon reveals that this weapon will be useful in the control of riots and in other situations where the use of lethal options are not advised. This instrument consists of a weapon which sends an electromagnetic ray, heating the skin of the target within seconds, provoking the same effect as touching an electric light bulb. An interesting solution from the world’s policeman. Possibly this weapon will be tested against those who disregard the United Nations Resolutions of the last ten years. Or maybe it will be sold to the highest bidder, as Washington adopts a “holier than thou” position, as usual. In fact, first evidence points towards the fact that this weapon will first be tested against goats, then humans. One weight and one measure, the world over. Enough of hypocrisy, enough of cheap attacks. Enough of a blind eye being cast where economic interests overtake the political ones. The world is sufficiently mature nowadays to understand and accept a position of strength, a commitment of principles. Let Washington indeed produce weapons of torture, let them export them, let Washington indeed use its influence to free drunken teenagers from prison after public disturbances have been committed…(Washington knows very well what we are alluding to) but let Washington know that the time for hypocrisy and arrogance is basically up. Full stop.


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Author`s name Editorial Team