Wailing Wall announced Moslems’ property

Akram Sabri, the mufti of Jerusalem, issued a statement yesterday announcing the Wailing Wall, the most revered Judaic shrine, the property of the Moslems. According to the mufti, the Wailing Wall is the western wall of the Al Aksa mosque located on the Mosque Square (the Temple Hill) and, hence, belongs to the Moslems. In Mufti Sabri’s words, there is no stone in the wall ever belonging to Jews or having anything to do with the Jewish history. Samuel Rabinovich, the Wailing Wall’s rabbi, in his turn, called the mufti’s statement an “attempt to rewrite history and reduce the chances of resolving Arab-Israeli conflict.” In his words, the Wailing Wall “has for many generations been property of the people of Israel.” In the meantime, the problem of the Mosque Square remains one of the major stumbling blocks at the Palestinian-Israeli talks.