It will be known in two or three days about Kenneth Gluck

At a Friday news conference in Moscow aide of the Chechen administration chief, Shamil Beno, promised that "in literally two or three days we will have certain information" about Kenneth Gluck, the American worker of the Medecins Sans Frontieres international organization recently abducted in Chechnya. "I have no information yet whether Gluck is alive or dead. But I know where it happened and how it happened, who saw it and have clues where he should be sought," Beno said refusing to give any details. He said that thanks to energetic talks, international humanitarian organizations have been persuaded not to curtail their operations in Chechnya "but to develop a new form of guaranteeing the security of their workers.", Interfax reports. "This will be announced as soon as the question of Gluck is settled," Beno said.