Sergey Snegov: Kremlin is getting ready for Lenin’s body burial

Tonight the RF president administration commented on the article about possible burial of Vladimir Lenin’s body, published in the latest issue of «The New York Тimes». The article is not the most important subject of the issue, nevertheless, for some reason Kremlin decided to comment on it. And the comment itself is curious as well: “the respectable newspaper may be wrong”. The representative of RF President administration added that “this is not a matter of just two or three months”. To all appearances, another balancing measure, following the adopting of the anthem on Soviet music, aimed to unite the society, is being prepared in Russia: the burial of Lenin’s body. There is no any other way to explain the attention of Kremlin to the foreign newspaper article of little interest. Nothing is known about Kremlin’s plans on burial of Lenin’s body. But it is clear that nothing will be done during nearest two or three months. But the mechanism is obviously set going. Everything will not go off as swimmingly as it was in the case of the adoption of the state symbols. But for some reason Vladimir Putin raises this question. Maybe the matter concerns an attempt to put pressure upon the “opposition” in connection with making some more important decision in the future. Boris Yeltsin adored such political moves, but they are not typical for Putin. But one thing is clear: the question of Lenin’s body burial was raised with an ulterior purpose. To all appearances, during the nearest weeks or months at least everything will come to light.

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