Igor Telin: more than 8 kg of explosions withdrawn from criminals in Mordovia. Do the weapons came from Chechnya?

Employees of FSB in the republic of Mordovia detected and detained an organised criminal group. As a result of the search more than 8 kilograms of granulite were withdrawn. Granulite is a explosive being used for civil purposes in blasting operations. It is 20% stronger than trotyl. A spokesman for PR department of Mordovian FSB Office Oleg Piskunov told Pravda.ru correspondent that ammunition, a submachine-gun, produced in Chechnya, and a hand grenade cup discharge were withdrawn as well. According to the secret services, in connection with the fact that the activity of Chechen militants has risen recently, the danger of the acts of terrorism has increased as well. An action was brought on this case. Several versions are being worked out. One of them is that the withdrawn weapons have Chechen origin. The possibility of ordinary fight between different criminal groups of Chechen capital is not excluded.