A couple accused of adultery was ripped out in public in Afghanistan

In the town of Mazari-Sharif in the North of Afghanistan Taleban supporters ripped out with lashes a man and a women, caught in a adultery. A certain Mohammad Yusaf and his mistress received 100 hundred lashes in public, at a stadium. So-called police of Islam morals was established in Afghanistan. The police sees to fulfilment of theologians prescriptions. A women can be lashed if she goes out without a thick paranja or if she appears in the street without a male relative. All the men should wear beards. Those who violate this rule are being imprisoned “until their beards become as long as Prophet Mohammed’s one”. But the most cruel punishment is prepared for homosexuals. In concordance with the law of Afghanistan, they should be crushed by the debris of the walls, brought down by tanks on their bodies.

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