Israeli embassy neither confirmed nor denied the information that Israel had declared war on Palestine

The other day published an article called “ ISRAEL DECLARES WAR ON PALESTINE”. We would remind to you that it was about the sensation fact, expounded by Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. The newspaper announced that Israel had formally changed the status of its relationships with Palestine from “peaceful coexistence” to “armed conflict.” asked press attashe of Israeli embassy in Moscow Mr Yaron Hamburg to comment on this information. “I don’t have any information about such decisions of Israeli authorities”, said Mr Hamburg to correspondent, “however I I’d like to note that the state of armed conflict of Israel and Palestine exists de facto now. Last months Palestine-Israel confrontation turned to another level. Demonstrations of peaceful inhabitants have fully stopped, now we have to do with terrorism, armed conflict. 3,000 cases of bombardment of Israeli service-men and peaceful inhabitants of the country were registered during a few months. Several acts of terrorism were committed, terrorists often mine the roads. The acts of terrorism are directed both against armed forces and peaceful inhabitants. In this respect the situation has really grown into armed conflict.” “Mr Hamburg, is The Jerusalem Post an influential newspaper in Israel? Should we believe all the information, expounded on its pages?” “The Jerusalem Post is the leading Israeli newspaper, issued in English. It is being spread both in Israel and other countries because it is in English. It is inferior to three leading newspapers being published in Hebrew, but, nevertheless, The Jerusalem Post is well-known, it’s an influential newspaper. One can believe the information it publishes. “Mr Hamburg, you’ve read the article published in The Jerusalem Post. Could you comment on this information?” “Yes, I have. But I cannot add anything to it. I don’t have information from official sources of Israel about such decisions of the authorities”

Dmitry Liskov

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