The more NATO denies that Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons are dangerous, and distances itself from “Gulf War Syndrome” and now “Balkans Syndrome”, as tens of soldiers fall ill and die through mystery illnesses, the more Pravda.Ru will speak out and present clear evidence until an admission is made and something is done. NATO continues to deny that there is any connection between the use of DU weapons and illnesses among soldiers, even with some arrogance, as was the case with general Martins Barrento, the Head of the Portuguese Army, who declared that there was more danger from radiation in hospitals than in Kosovo. Other misguided and ignorant individuals, on the side of NATO, have made more manic declarations that a wristwatch contains more radiation than DU weapons. Why then did NATO use DU? Incredible as it may appear, NATO refuses to admit that anything is wrong. It is like hosting a public spectacle with animation and singing, watched by an audience of deaf and blind people. Seeing that NATO is hard of hearing and vision, let us simplify the evidence, so that even an idiot could understand it : 6 (six) Belgian soldiers who served in the Balkans have died of leukaemia 6 (six) Italian soldiers who served in the Balkans have died of leukaemia 30 (thirty) Italian soldiers who served in the Balkans are seriously ill, 15 (fifteen) of them with cancers 8 (eight) Spanish soldiers who served in the Balkans have died of leukaemia 1 (one) Czech military pilot died last year after serving in the Balkans – of cancer 4 (four) French soldiers who served in the Balkans are seriously ill with leukaemia and are interned in French military hospitals Many hundreds (uncountable) British and American troops who served in the Gulf have either died or have become seriously ill after coming into contact with DU weapons. One ex-British army engineer, Kevin Rudland, has become so ill that all his hair has fallen out. He insists that the British army should screen all British soldiers who have served in the Gulf or in the Balkans to start early treatment, instead of denying that anything is wrong. 1 (one) Portuguese soldier, Manuel Leite, who served in Kosovo between August 1999 and February 2000, lost ten kilos in weight in a few weeks, lost his hair, feels nausea and very tired. He is now going to the military hospital in Lisbon 1 (one) Portuguese soldier died of kidney and liver failure (it now appears) after serving in Kosovo, after his autopsy was clouded in secrecy. Kidney failure is a particularly important diagnosis, says a medical expert in Lisbon, who asked to remain anonymous, because the official autopsy cited encephalitis and kidney or liver failure would be a direct consequence of death by radiation/toxicity through radiation. The father of this Portuguese soldier affirms that a doctor in Lisbon’s military hospital told him : “The boy must have been in contact with radiation”. Let those who have accused Pravda.Ru of “disinformation” read a document entitled “Effects on the health of Depleted Uranium”, issued by NATO, in which it is admitted that “the kidney is the most affected organ”, apart from presenting horrifying details of the results of experiments on animals. Is that enough? There is more, much more. Now we know what NATO will say. They will claim first that they do not have the means to measure the effects of the weapons they have used and will wait for the magnificent 15 EU countries to present their evidence. As usual, there will be fifteen different versions and fifteen different half-truths as the magnificent 15 each twist and convulse in their own directions. NATO will claim that there is no conclusive evidence that DU caused any illness. Meanwhile, civilians will start dying and NATO will start measuring radiation levels in Kosovo, which will prove to be extremely low. But NATO will not escape like this. Admitting that DU weapons do not kill through radioactivity, let NATO deny that they indeed kill through toxicity, if a substantial number of particles of DU are breathed in. Let NATO now deny that civilians have indeed come into contact with DU materials in the Balkans and let them deny too that the countries participating in the Bosnian operations were not all warned that DU had been used. Let NATO deny, now that they are denying everything, that soldiers’ lives have been put at risk though these omissions. Let NATO deny that the increased incidence of leukaemia in Iraq, malformations among children in the Gulf and Gulf War sickness have anything in common and let NATO the great denier now deny that indeed DU weapons have caused deaths among children in Iraq since the Gulf War. Or was this all something in the wind? One does not believe that NATO is ruled by evil men who purposefully experimented on human guinea pigs as they showed off their spectacular new weapons…but now that the evidence is mounting, please! We are not idiots but NATO seems to be making an idiot of itself. It would seem more fitting and dignified to do the decent thing, act like men and own up to the mistake which has been committed. But that will never happen, will it? Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda.Ru, Lisbon.