Results of the local elections held in Kosovo under the aegis of the UN and the North Atlantic Alliance are already known. As the leader of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova stated yesterday, his party emerged victorious in 17 out of 18 municipal districts of the territory, Pristina and four other main centres of the territory are among them. It should be pointed out that the Rugova party's main goal is to separate the territory from the Yugoslav Federation and to set up an independent state. Despite the fact that these goals are drastically at variance with the UN Security Council's resolution 1244 and the Yugoslav constitution, Rugova enjoys active support by officers of the United Nations Organization and the European Union. Anyway, even before a formal declaration of the election results, both the Head of the UN Mission in Kosovo Bernard Koushner and the former NATO Secretary General and the present-day EU Supreme Commissar for external policies and security matters Javier Solana allowed themselves to publicly rejoice over the results received. The former has already managed to declare that he will appoint his representatives to the local councils in the areas mainly populated by the Serbs, who refused to participate in the elections, to "safeguard their rights". The latter has noted that the elections held are "an illustration of the fact that the people of Kosovo long for a democratic future ". Solana, who a year ago gave orders to destroy Serbs, stated yesterday that the elections became "historical". One could, probably, be glad together with them about tremendous successes of democracy. But you do not feel like it. First of all, for objective reasons which do not allow to qualify these elections as valid and civilised. And the matter is not only that they, as was already mentioned, contradict the UN Security Council's resolution and the Yugoslav constitution. The main question is whether they are legitimate. It should be noted that the decision to hold local elections was taken, let's say, not by the previously elected popular assembly or, which would be fair if the former is non-existent, by the higher legislative assembly or the parliament of the country. They were fixed … by a UN officer who has no authority for that. Further. One of the principal conditions for elections to be democratic is the opportunity for everyone who temporarily stays outside his or her territory, to participate in the elections. For instance, not only the citizens staying in the territory of Russia on the election day participated in the presidential elections, but also those who left this country for official or personal reasons and obtained the so called absentee voter certificate. The same was the situation when a Chechen representative to the State Duma was elected. Chechen refugees in the Ingush Republic and representatives of the Chechen community in Moscow took part in the elections. The right to elect and to be elected is exercised in the same way in all civilised states of the world. Observance of this right was not provided for in Kosovo elections. The Serbs, who left the territory as a result of the UN military contingent's connivance, could not vote whatever their desire. Koushner decided not to set up mobile polling stations in the refugee camps, referring to the shortage of funds. What comes out? Even if we disregard yesterday's statement of the Yugoslav government on the illegal character of the elections, they do not meet the democratic standards in any case. Moreover, no matter how strange it might seem, direct UN, EU and NATO connivance to hold completely monoethnic elections, shows that today these international organisations openly advocate… fascism. It is this term that characterises what is occurring in Kosovo today. The Serbs, Gypsies, Jews have been ousted from the territory. The UN did not allow them to participate in the elections held. Privilege enjoyed by one nation in respect to others is apparent. What else is a distinctive feature of man-hating ideology? Here it is — treatment of culture. Here again is evidence of the above: PRAVDA.Ru published the lists of destroyed religious and cultural sacred places in the Kosovo territory. We also told previously about murders of Christians… Any sane person will confirm: elections held at gunpoint of foreign tanks can hardly be termed an expression of the free will of the people, such elections can not be recognised legal. Any sane man is aware of this. Is Javier Salana one of them? Certainly, he is. But it is him who is stained with a great deal of the blood shed in the territory, therefore it is to his advantage to talk about historical significance of the illegal elections. Is Bernard Koushner one of them? Certainly, he is as well. The point is, however, that he organised the elections! One cannot but regard Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroerder, Jacques Chirac and many others as sane. One cannot. But they, despite the undemocratic nature of the last elections, will be active in recognising them, because these elections are the fruit of their thinking, the outcome of their actions. The point is, however, that it is exactly in this way that fascism comes into being, imperceptibly and under general acclaim and in hope that everything will work out in the future. We should draw attention to the fact that, when the brown plague begins to again spread in Europe, the first we are to thank for the revival of fascism are those who are talking these days about "the victory of democracy" in Kosovo… 2000-10-31