The Russian State Duma is alarmed that the USA elections results would probably be falsified

The group of deputes of the Russian State Duma prepared a draft resolution “About the maintenance of democracy in USA and international monitoring of the US presidential elections”. In the document, prepared by representatives of the Communists fraction, Agrarians, “Russia’s Regions”, “Fatherland – all Russia” “the anxiety of the State Duma about the possible falsification of the forthcoming USA Presidential elections” is expressed. The document reads as follows: “In practice a half of the electorate don’t participate in the elections. It’s impossible to reveal the wish of the population this way”. “Taking into consideration the growing influence of USA upon the affairs of world community, the State Duma considers that the Presidential elections in USA cannot be exclusively an internal affair of the country, because they concern the vital interests of other countries”. “The elections should be carried out under the efficient control of the world community, which guarantees the common democratic standards compliance.” The authors of the document call for UNO, OSCE, parliaments, governments and other organisations “to arrange an efficient international monitoring of the Presidential elections in USA.” “In case the US administration puts obstacles in the way of the international monitoring of the presidential elections, the State Duma will call for the world community to reject the results of the elections and press for the repeated election under the patronage of the UNO” – the draft resolution runs. 2000-10-24

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