Damir Zhamaldinov: Yugoslavia is a price of “Kursk’s” wreck

The attention of people worldwide is centered on the Yugoslavian events. Let’s look back to see the main point of the problem. Everybody knew about the presidential elections in advance. And everybody was preparing for them – not only in Yugoslavia, but in other counties as well. U.S. Department of State spent 77 million dollars for backing Yugoslavian opposition. Russia was getting ready for the Yugoslavian elections, too. U.S. formal representatives were alarmed by the large-scale naval maneuvers in all the fleets of Russia. Even Russian President Putin got into compartments of submarines and ships. Now its getting clear that he wanted to make sure of the reliability of Russian fleet personally and to make a very important decision. And the decision was made: April 4 he signed a decree according to which ships of the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets would be sent to the Mediterranean sea in autumn 2000 (the time of the elections in Yugoslavia). The best ships of the fleet were preparing for the three-months campaign: aircraft-carrier “Soviet fleet Admiral Kuznetsov”, nuclear-powered cruiser “Peter the Great”, “Marshal Ustinov” “Admiral Harlamov”, other ships and five nuclear-powered submarines. “Kursk” was among them. But all of it is in the past. The wreck of “Kursk” and informational attack against the leader of Russia disrupted all the plans of Kremlin. All the efforts were in vain. The Yugoslavian events are the best confirmation of this statement. Today’s attempts of Kremlin to invite the Yugoslavian presidential candidates to Moscow look useless. Milosovic won’t go to Russia because he understands that he will be persuaded into the refusal of power. There is no other way out. However now not only Milosovic but the fate of Yugoslavia is concerned. Western leaders have already passed sentence on this Balkan country, declaring the results of the elections in favour of the opposition - at the very day of the elections. Now they frighten him with the threat of arrest and with setting of rumour afloat about his escape. Western countries provoke Yugoslavian President to use force. This event would be a present for NATO armies, waiting for a signal to invade in Yugoslavia. The flights of NATO air force over Yugoslavia confirm this statement. And now let’s answer the question: could it happen if Russian fleet were in the Mediterranean sea? The answer is simple: no. So, the fate of the Yugoslavian people is a price of “Kursk’s” wreck. The risky operation – the ram attack of enemy’s submarine yields more profit than standing of all the sixth American fleet in the Mediterranean sea and NATO’s contingent in Kosovo. And one more detail. Nobody has paid attention that the date of Edmund Pope’s capture coincided with the starting of ballistic rocket of the rocket-carrier “Borisoglebsk”. One event took place a day after the other. The conclusion: not only Russia was getting ready for a Mediterranean campaign, but other countries as well. And they managed their task better than Russia. PRAVDA.Ru, 06.10.00 2000-10-17

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