Before NATO’s misguided and aggressive attack in 1999, in which more civilians than soldiers were killed and due to which great areas of Kosovo became radioactive, Serbs and Albanians lived together in harmony. NATO convinced themselves that the Serbs were killing and maltreating the Albanians and decided unilaterally to invade Kosovo, starting a process which five hundred years of history had tried to stop : the creation of a Greater Albania. However, the truth now begins to emerge. Many of the Albanians who were said to have been expelled by the Serbs now state that they were trying to escape from the Kosovo Liberation Army. Indeed, Albanian women were sold into prostitution networks by KLA members. The more attractive Albanian women refugees even tried to hide their faces to avoid being caught by the KLA, which was working together with NATO to expel the Yugoslav army from Kosovo. “ Only when the world sees that the Kosovo Serbs were not the aggressors as everyone thought, and allows our police and soldiers back to protect us” will the Serbs return to Kosovo, said Miograd, 57 years old, now homeless after a lifetime of hard work. Albanians from Albania occupied his home, stole his animals and took control of his land. “ The Albanians harmed themselves with this movement against the Serbs. We used to live well together but now the Albanians who came out of Albania occupied everything and took everything back with them. Without knowing, the Albanians allowed themselves to be robbed by their own people,”said Miograd. The Serbs of Kosovo are not convinced by NATO and do not care who wins in Belgrade…all they want is to go back home to their farms.

Timothy BANCROFT-HINCHEY Correspondent of PRAVDA.Ru Lissabon 2000-10-06