The criminal attack by NATO on Yugoslavia last year, for whatever reason, sent shockwaves through the international community which reverberate still today – this time in the United Nations Organisation. Exactly what NATO was trying to do, except sell more arms and try to show a position of strength on the frontiers of the ex-Warsaw Pact, is yet to be discovered. The monumental mistake and massive misjudgement which was NATO’s Kosovo campaign naturally produced knock-on effects and these are felt, and exacerbated, daily in the territory in which NATO interfered. During colonial times, western European powers could draw nice, straight lines on maps and force populations thousands of kilometres away to behave as they were told. Such arrogance has no part in today’s world. The five centuries of history with which NATO interfered created another monster – greater Albania – a monster which will not disappear. On the contrary, it will grow stronger, the more so because the Albanian “Capo” are everywhere they need to be to hold a position of force, including New York. NATO aided and abetted the position of force of this strong and misunderstood culture. Albanians are not Latins. Albanians are not Slavs. They are not Greeks. They are not Macedonians. Albanians, like Basques, are a special people and a unique culture. They are the “eagle people” - “Shqiptare” (Albanians) who inhabit the “eagle people’s lands” – “Shqiperia” (Albania) Forgetting that Kosovo is an integral part of the Serbian “psyche”, as fundamental to any Serb as 1066 is to any Englishman, as significant to any Serb as the “Boston Tea Party” is to any American, and as relevant to a Serb as Washington is to any US citizen, NATO made a colossal and fundamental mistake in interfering in such a sensitive region as the Balkans. The effects were, as usual, disastrous. The Ushtria Зlirimtare e Kosovлs (Kosovo Liberation Army) has been officially disbanded (after the Yugoslav Army was forced out of Kosovo) but unfortunately, what NATO did not predict (because they did not understand it) was that the UЗK was only the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg in question is the Greater Albania which NATO created, unwittingly and unconsciously. Now the “land of the eagles” and “the eagle people” equals anywhere where there is a number of Albanians. It is not by chance that the UЗPMB springs up (Ushtria Зlirimtare Presevлs Medveja Bujanovac – Presevo-Medveja-Bujanovac Liberation Army). Serbian policemen and soldiers have been killed by this force in southern Serbia, which is fed by ex-UЗK logistics within Kosovo and aims to add the area in which it is fighting in southern Serbia into a new, free state of Kosovo (where the rule of law is bound to break down as it does so frequently in Albania). After this area, others will be added, for sure, in Macedonia, Montenegro and anywhere else where the “eagle people” create pressure groups. Now the UNO has condemned the violence in the Presevo area of Serbia, as Serbian civilians revolt against the attacks launched from Kosovo. The UNO condemns the attacks…NATO keeps quiet…and the Albanian octopus spreads its ugly tentacles further and further into Slavic territories in the Balkans. Congratulations, NATO. Don’t worry, the UNO’s directives apparently do not count for much … unless NATO decides otherwise.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda.Ru Lisbon

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Author`s name: Editorial Team