President of Russia Vladimir Putin “I wish for a deepening of the productive and mutually advantageous cooperation between Russia and the United States and the development of an intense and constructive dialogue with George W. Bush”

Lionel Jospin (French Prime Minister) “The popular vote was favourable to Vice President Gore by around 300,000 votes. There was not a recount in Florida. For this reason there will always exist uncertainty”

Jaime Gama (Portuguese Foreign Minister) “We are sure that his role in the international scene, particularly in his relationship with Europe, will be constructive and oriented towards the values which he expressed during the elections regarding transatlantic ties”

Tony Blair (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) “This has been a long and painful wait for you. I am very happy that everything has finally been resolved. I know that, together, we can strengthen the special relationship between our countries”

Palestine Liberation Organization “We hope to see Mr. Bush continue an honest, impartial and objective policy which is geared towards the peace process. We hope he has a decisive influence on the process, namely regarding the Palestinian dossier, after the difficulties this process has suffered”

Gerhard Schroeder, German Chancellor “ The friendship between Germany and the United States has a solid base. The contribution of the United States, during the presidency of your father, towards the reunification of Germany has deep roots in the conscience of the German people”

Yoshiro Mori (Japanese Prime Minister) “As governor of the state of Texas, Mr. Bush has a great and rich experience in the management of government. I am convinced that he will be an excellent leader for the United States and the world”

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda.Ru Lisbon

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Author`s name: Editorial Team