Anton Ponomarev: RF Emergency Minister is leaving for Primorye. He is going to warm up its inhabitants

Today the head of the Emergency Ministry Sergey Shoigu, appointed a head of the workgroup for stabilization of the current situation in Primorye, is leaving for the Primorye territory. His main task is to strive for the recommence of heat supply in houses and blocks of flats of the territory. The Emergency Ministry has already taken over the control of the situation in the territory, and even ordered to turn on the heating immediately. But the results of it one can see in daily TV reports from the "cold spot". It is amazing that no any acceptable project of helping to freezing people has been announced. A part of the promised credits is already transferred, but money cannot be used as fuel for furnaces. The fuel itself was sent to Primorye, too, but for some reason it was not received yet. It is not getting warmer because of these measures. Meanwhile the political situation becomes heated in Primorye. Deputiesи claim for retiring of the governor, the governor charges journalists with everything, higher officials control the situation in the territory and in their own offices. Public Prosecutors of the territory and of its towns bring actions against officials because of the heating crisis, but nobody knows if the investigation of these actions advances. Sergey Shoigu seems to be the last hope of Primorye inhabitants. To all appearances they would be content even with evacuation now. The Emergency Ministry already has such experience. During the epoch of reforms rescuers many times happened to save inhabitants of Northern areas of Russia, saving them from the most terrible disaster, such as Russian winter is.

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