Tomorrow Moldavian deputies will start to entertain the world community with the Presidential elections

While USA demonstrates the failure of its electoral system, Moldova seems to follow in Americans' footsteps. Tomorrow the Parliament of Moldova is to carry on presidential elections. The parliament, but not the people of the republic. According to the law, adopted recently, a candidate who gets more than 2/3 of parliament votes will be the winner. Today's President of Moldova Peter Luchinsky, elected in 1996 by universal suffrage, expressed his disagreement with the new law and didn't nominate himself for the next term. But the fact is that Luchinsky has led the economy of the country into a dead end, and, to all appearances, he decided that it's time to escape. Thus he found the best way to avoid the responsibility - not to take part in the elections as a candidate. The deputies have to choose between Communist leader Vladimir Voronin (separatist and Ziuganov's follower) and chairman of the Constitutional Court Pavel Barbalat. Now the candidates "prepare" the deputies for the elections: make promises, bribe those deputies who have not made their decisions yet and so on.

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