The notorious Chechen commander, Shamil Basayev, has sent an open letter to the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization. In his opus, Mr. Basayev calls PLO the hypocrites and traitors of the Muslim interests who have chosen Pepsy instead of Jihad. He also argues that if PLO fails to liberate Palestine, he himself is able to do that. Mr. Basayev’s anger has been stirred by the PLO ambassador to Russia, Hairi al-Oridi who said the following. “Chechnya is part of Russia. The Chechen problem is its internal problem. We consider Hattab a traitor of Muslims’ interests since he undermines Russia which has always been a true ally of the Arabs, and he plays into the hands of our worst enemy, Israel.” Mr. Basayev responds as follows. “Firstly, we declare that you (PLO leadership) are hypocrites… You are too soon to express your love for Russian pagans. Secondly, we consider you traitors of the Muslims’ interests, since you have sat at the negotiating table with your “worst enemy” deliberately leading your people into another deadend and consecrating Israel’s expansionist policy. Thirdly, we consider the problem of Palestine and Al Kudsa the problem of the whole of the Islamic Umma, and not the problem of Palestinians and Arabs in general. You may exercise your marasmus as long as you can playing with negotiations. But we officially declare that we do not recognize anything that in the least runs contrary to the Shariat in this question. Palestine and Al Kudsa are not your private property, but the property and shrine of all the Moslems. If you are unable or unwilling to solve the problem under the Shariat, step aside. Make way for the young or you will be disgraced and crashed. The new generation chooses Jihad, not Pepsy. The new generation will not split into tribes, as you have. And the new generation will revive the Islamic Caliphate with the capital city in Al Kudsa, Insha-Allah!”