Anatoly Kamushkin: Estonia deprives Russia ambassador of honours

The Baltic countries ate not indifferent to Russia. They can’t stay in cold blood close to their former “oppressor”. They would like to do something really great to make all the world see that they dislike Russia. But they don’t have such an opportunity. So they come to nothing more than mean tricks. For example, today news agencies announced that Russian Ambassador Plenipotentiary in Estonia Alexey Glukhov had left his post. Estonia broke all the traditions in order to demonstrate its position. An Ambassador, leaving his post should be presented with an order, a president of the country should meet with him. But Glukhov stayed without these honours. The president turned out to be too busy with getting ready for his visit to Germany. The situation about the order is rather strange: according to the tradition, the Foreign Ministry suggested the Committee for State Awards to put Glukhov forward for a decoration. But a little bit later Glukhov was very surprised to find out that he refused to get the award. As a result he left Estonia without an award and without meeting with the president. Maybe it even upset him a little.

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