New service for Pravda's readers

The PRAVDA.Ru English version ( has started providing a new service: now its visitors can avail themselves of unique international communication services based on the callback technology. Having emerged in the late eighties, the callback technology ("callback" — a return call) has been so far the only high-quality alternative to unreasonably costly international telephone services provided by local monopolies.

Using the callback system, a customer from any country of the world can pay his or her international calls according to the US rates, which are the lowest in the world.

PRAVDA.Ru and the Callback Network Company grant the PRAVDA.Ru visitors an opportunity to call to any country of the world from the USA, even if they are in quite another part of the globe. Such situation is termed "telephone arbitrage", and the callback service rests on it. Any phone (including mobile and hotel one) is proper to obtain this service, and the callback rates turn out to be practically much lower in each country of the world. Moreover, in some countries callback is paying even for local trunk calls.

The JUSTICE network, at the best quality standards, will put through any of your calls from any telephone and at any time of the day. This service can be used not only for talking over the phone but also for sending faxes, the pay time being metered with an accuracy of up to 6 seconds (having in mind that calls are normally metered by minutes, it saves 10 — 15% in addition). Besides, you pay nothing, if the line is engaged or your call is not answered. And you can monitor the number of your calls with the help of detailed monthly statements to be forwarded to you free of charge. There are no subscription fees or activation, you pay only the conversation time and at the lowest rates. That is why a callback user can save up to 75% of his or her telephone budget!

At present, this service is provided in nine languages. In the near future, a Russianized Callback version will be introduced, and this service will also be available to those who speak only Russian.