As the Central Intelligence Agency opens 16,000 documents, it is proved that this agency knew about Operation Condor, a plan among South American dictatorships to eliminate left-wing opposition. While there is no firm evidence linking the CIA to this murderous and illegal campaign, which involved numerous countries in South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil) the involvement of this agency in these countries raises suspicions. One memorandum from the CIA, dated August 1978, states: “Resumption of Operation Condor”. Unfortunately, there are so many paragraphs of this document blacked out by ink that the text is far from fluent, to say the least. However, the documents state that “The Agency knew that among the targets of Operation Condor were the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR) of Chile, the People’s Revolutionary Army (Argentina) and the Tupamaros (Uruguay)”. Given the actions of the CIA in South America over the years, it would be more interesting to read those paragraphs in their documents blacked out with ink. Isn’t this the Agency which represents the country which is always complaining about censorship and freedom and human rights and free speech…?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey,

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