Dmitry Fedulov: humanitarian totalitarianism is a offspring of American secret services

American congress adopted a draft law, which toughens the state control over the divulging of secret information, including its reporting to the press. The leaders of CNN, “Washington Post”, “New York Times” and Newspaper Association of America claimed against this law in a letter, addressed to Bill Clinton. White House refuses to comment the situation yet and announces that Bill Clinton didn’t make any decision about the document for the time being. The advanced part of American community considers that the United States, supposed to be the most democratic country in the world, are gradually moving to the new form of democratic or humanitarian totalitarianism. American intelligent services play the leading part in this process. Their budgets and staff increase every year. In order to explain this increase the services think out new “virtual” enemies, such as ben Laden, Van Kho Lee, Milosevic and others. But that is not enough for them. It’s time to look for enemies inside the country.

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