Today, the Election Commission of Krasnoyarsk, one of Russia’s largest Siberian cities, registered the Anatoli Bykov Bloc as running for the seats in the Krasnoyarsk City Council. The elections are to be held on December 10th, RIA Novosti news agency reports. Mr. Bykov, after whom the block is named, is currently held in custody being charged with a number of crimes and cannon take part in the elections. The block has come out with a 15-candidate list headed by Krasnoyarsk TV anchorwoman Marina Dobrovolskaya and hockey champion Segei Lomanov. Another bloc registered by the Election Commission is called Za Krasnoyarsk. It has been organized by Pyotr Pimashkov, incumbent mayor of Krasnoyarsk. Chief Krasnoyarsk militiaman Aleksandr Gorovoi is number one in this bloc’s deputy list.