ACCORDING TO THE MONTENEGRIN DAILY NEWSPAPER, “VIJESTI”, THE GOVERNMENT OF MONTENEGRO IS READY TO CALL ON THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO RECOGNISE THE REPUBLIC AS AN INDEPENDENT STATE. The newspaper “Vijesti” states that the government of Montenegro is adopting a different stance in its negotiations with the Republic of Serbia within the Yugoslav Federation. The position favoured in Podgorica is an alliance with Serbia, but as a separate state, with separate representatives in the United Nations and diplomatic missions. It is also reported in “Vijesti” that the ministries responsible for security, external policy, monetary and economic policy will be controlled by both Serbia and Montenegro and that a single-chamber Parliament will be the legislative body in Podgorica. The Croatian Weekly Newspaper “Feral” reports that Slobodan Milosevic, ex-President of Yugoslavia, asked for protection from Vojislav Kostunica in a meeting on 6th October, fearing for his family’s safety. It is not known where Milosevic is at present and the press in Yugoslavia does not mention his whereabouts. It is reported that the ex-President is waiting for the next elections in December to assume a political role in the future as leader of the SPS, either in government or in opposition.

Tim Bancroft-Hinchey Lisbon