Inhabitants of Moscow claim for USSR national anthem

According to the results of the public opinion poll made by the Centre of Scientific Research attached to the Institute of Youth, 38% of Muscovites consider that the melody of the USSR anthem composed by Alexander Alexandrov is the most suitable one for the national anthem of Russia. 21% claim for the melody of present-day anthem of Russia – “The Patriotic Song” by Mikhail Glinka. Only 5% claim for the melody of pre-Revolutionary Russian anthem. 13% of Muscovites claim for the compromise “combined” variant which is practised in national anthems of some counties. The question about national flag was also asked. 44% support the present-day tree-colour flag. 22% support the USSR flag, and 6% claim for the red flag with the image of the Saviour used by Russian troops in 1380 at the battle in Kulikovo field. Other 5% support the imperial three-colour (black, golden and white and flag of Russia).

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Author`s name: Editorial Team