Andrew Krushinsky: the military doctrine of China

“The White Book about the Policy of China Concerning the Questions of the National Defence and the International Security” published by the Informational office of the State Council of China yesterday, October 16, is actually a military doctrine of the country. The book consists of six parts: “The Situation in the Domain of Defence”, “National Policy Concerning the Questions of Defence”, “The Structure of the National Security”, “The Structuring of the Armed Forces”, “International Co-operation in the Questions of Security”, “Arms control and Disarmament”. It is stressed in the document that the military policy of China is defensive. The document the fact that China possess nuclear weapons only for defence and engage itself not to be the first to use it. China doesn’t participate in the arms race and doesn’t place the weapons outside the territory of the country. The nuclear forces of China directly obey the Central military committee. The strict rules of China guarantee the security of the storage of nuclear weapons. The criterions of using military forces in Taiwan are repeated in the book. The military budget of China is compared to the budgets of other countries: in terms of American dollars, the expenses of China is 64% of Germany’s expenses, 48% of the France’s ones, 40 % of the Britain’s expenses, 30 % of the Japan’s expenses and only 5% of the America’s ones. It is stressed in the “White Book” that the Chinese government claimed against the attempts of some countries to use arms control and disarmament as a mean of weakening other countries and fixing their own military superiority for regional or global hegemony. The attempts to transfer the arms rate into the space are condemned in the document.

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