The crew of “Kursk” perished because of the first explosion

The government committee for investigation of the reasons of “Kursk’s ” wreck determined that on board of “Kursk” two explosions occurred. The second explosion occurred in 35 seconds after the first one. Between the explosions the submarine passed 400 meters and descended to the ocean floor. Nobody was alive on board by this moment. These conclusion was made on basis of the analysis of the fragments of the submarine, which had been lifted from the ground, “RIA Novosti” reports. Ilia Klebanov, the leader of the committee for investigating the circumstances of the “Kursk’s” wreck, vice-PM of Russia, says that they didn’t find any fragments of a foreign submarine in the place of the catastrophe. According to him, by this moment only 60 square meters of the ocean floor are examined. Klebanov reminded that the lifting of the sailors’ bodies will begin approximately October 18. When it is finished the ship “Akademic Keldish” will return to the place of the catastrophe to will go on the research work.