Fighters are trying to kill Maskhadov

A confidant of so-called “brigade general” Baudi Bakuev was detained October 6 and keeps on testifying. Military sources in Khankala, the main base of the federal forces situated by Grozniy, announced on Friday that Bakuev kept in touch with Vakha Arsanov and assisted him with gaining prestige, “ITAR-TASS” reports. The captive explained that he many times had served as a guard at conferences of the commanders. “During these conferences Arsanov many times offered his service to Basaev and Hottab in killing Aslan Maskhadov. Bakuev’s men were to do it” – says the captive. Baudi Bakuev was killed in the beginning of October during special operations of the Federal forces in highlands of Chechnya. He is responsible for the kidnapping of General Valentin Shpigun.