Russian President Vladimir Putin We are ready to contribute to help this country overcome its crisis, come out of isolation from the international community and place itself firmly on the path of democratic development. Yugoslavia always knew how to come through difficult situations when it was united.

Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the UNO It will be the people of Yugoslavia themselves who solve this problem, but they need the support of the international community. The people of Serbia have spoken, they ask for a democratic government. In reply to the question about whether Slobodan Milosevic should appear in the Hague court to be tried for war crimes, Kofi Annan said :Each member state of the UNO has the responsibility to hand in those accused of war crimes.

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom The verdict of these elections was clear, the verdict on the streets is clear, the message to Milosevic is clear : Go away. Go away now. Go away before more lives are lost, before there is more destruction.Now that you (the people of Serbia) look for democracy, the hand of friendship and partnership from countries like Great Britain is stretched out towards you.

Romano Prodi, President of the European commission It is time to respect the wishes of the people. It is time for a peaceful transition towards democracy. Europe is ready to receive the new Serbia with open arms. I say to Milosevic in the name of Europe : Listen to your people.

Gerhard Schroeder, Chancellor of Germany In an appeal to the Yugoslav security forces : ⌠My appeal, and I affirm this as German Chancellor based on our own experience when the Berlin Wall fell, is : Do not shoot on your own people. This would be a disaster.

Antonio Guterres, Prime Minister of Portugal and former President of International Socialist I salute the courageous behaviour of the Yugoslav democrats, confronted by one of the dictatorships that has contributed most not only to the oppression of its own people but also to instability in Europe.

William Clinton, President of the USA The people of Serbia have made their opinion clear. They did this when they voted in peace and now they are doing it in the streets because someone tried to steal their vote. I think that the people are trying to get back their country and we support democracy and the will of the Yugoslav people. The United States stands with people everywhere around the world who are fighting for their freedom. I do not believe this is an appropriate case for military intervention and I do not believe that the USA should do or say anything which could reinforce Milosevic's position.

Tim Bancroft-Hinchey, Correspondent of PRAVDA.Ru Lissabon

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