Who decides US policy in the Middle East?

PRAVDA.Ru correspondent Sergey Borisov reports:
The USA’s pro-Israel lobby is the actual maker of American policy in the Palestine – Israel conflict. It is not a fantasy of Arab politicians or media; it is an opinion published by an influential American newspaper. The Christian Science Monitor reported that the recent demonstration near the Capitol walls had been organized by the US’s strong, conservative pro-Israel lobby. Demonstrators supported Israel’s refusal to immediately remove troops from the West Bank.

The appeal had been made by US President George Bush to the Israeli prime minister earlier. Many senators and congressmen took part in the demonstration, who, as the newspaper states, were paid millions of dollars by the lobby. Estimates of some public organizations reveal that the pro-Israel lobby invested $6.5 million in American candidates in 2000. Large sums are usually spent on struggle with “opposition politicians.”

It must be said that the money has not been wasted: last week the Congress exerted excessive pressure on the White House to lift the demand for Israeli to withdraw its troops. Until now ,Ariel Sharon ignored the US administration’s wishes. As soon as President Bush announced the statement, the US’s pro-Israel lobby started operating to the max. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the USA to aid the lobby. He met with a large group of senators. The meetings proved to be very successful: the US president gave up the demand.

The position of Israel can be understood: as long as terrorists are ready for everything, other parties can use any means in the anti-terrorism war as well. The position of the US administration cannot be understood at all. The lobby may bring great rewards in the next elections. Why does the administration yield to the lobby’s demands? The Christian Science Monitor stresses that the US administration is even ready to abruptly change its foreign policy, regardless of America’s national interests. The surrender to the lobby mars Bush’s “war leader” image. Large-scale financing of election campaigns is the motive for changes in the foreign policy, the newspaper reports.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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