Crime of the Century: Israel commits an unspeakable act

Israeli armed forces have stooped to a new low – firing on the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem. This act of profanity against the birthplace of Jesus Christ has inflamed world opinion.

Early on Monday morning, Israeli armed forces opened fire on the building. A fire broke out shortly afterwards and Palestinian emergency services workers trying to extinguish the flames were reportedly fired on by Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli forces do not allow the wounded inside the church to go outside to ambulances; neither do they allow medical teams in to treat them. To prove how dangerous the situation is, a group of international journalists were ushered inside a house by the wife of a Lutheran pastor, who claimed that “There are Israeli snipers ahead, I don’t want them to harm you”.

In recent days, a 56-year-old Palestinian woman was shot in the face as she left a hospital, a thirteen-year-old boy was targeted in the head and an eight-year old was shot in the chest by Israeli marksmen.

According to General Shaul Mofaz, Israeli Army Chief of Staff, his troops have killed around 200 Palestinians and wounded some 1,500 in the recent invasion of Palestinian lands, while Israel has lost 13 soldiers since March 29th.