Ariel Sharon’s last chance

As soon as Israel announced that Southern Lebanon territories would be probably bombed, the world understood that the sixth Arab-Israeli war started. However, unlike the previous regional wars, when Israel was a sure winner every time, this war will be the defeat of Ariel Sharon.

They say that it takes just little time for Ariel Sharon to start and quite a long period to finish. Ariel Sharon hoped to break the will of the Palestinians by launching operation "Defensive Shield," but it turned out to be the other way round. The use of force is an ineffective argument, but Ariel Sharon can't seem to understand this. What is more, Israel provoked the opposition of the international community when it refused to implement UN Security Council resolutions. The genocide of the Palestinian people is often spoken about now, and Israel’s policy is called “state terrorism." The victim has turned into the hangman. The UN Security Council once again demanded a cease fire and that Israeli troops immediately withdraw from occupied Palestinian territories. Israeli. The requirements are outlined in a statement passed at a UN Security Council’s extraordinary session called on a request of the Arab countries on Sunday. The statement says thatthe continued military operation of Israel is “a gross violation of international humanitarian laws.”

Participants of the session also expressed their anxiety of the aggravation of the situation, the increasing number of civilian victims, and risk of the liquidation of the PA administration.

Sessions of the UN Security Council with the participation of Israel’s standing envoy and the PA observer in the United Nations are scheduled for Monday. The debate on the Middle East crisis is to take place in the second part of the day. Analysts think that an economic blockade will be probably imposed on Israel; however, if this proves ineffective, military intrusion may follow. At the end of the week, US Secretary of State Colin Powell is to arrive to the Middle East to study the situation right on the spot. The visit is unlikely to change the alignment of forces. Colin Powell understands this perfectly well himself. In an interview with NBC, he said, “I am not sure I will succeed in making both sides of the Palestine-Israeli conflict sign a cease-fire agreement.” In fact, he is not expected to succeed. The main goal of the visit is to determine the US’s position concerning Israel. Washington had to pay a price when it originally provided support to Israel. President Bush would not like to make the same mistake twice.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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