Jews and Arabs: four thousand years of conflict

It all started four thousand years ago, with the conflict between Abraham’s sons Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac, son of Abraham and Sara, founded Israel and Ishmael, son of Abraham and his Egyptian slave wife Agar, founded the Arab nation.

The Israeli tribe conquered the Holy Land (Palestine) after 400 years in exile in Egypt in 1900 BC. The Egyptians rules the territory for 500 years, between 1700 BC and 1200 BC, the golden age of Ancient Egypt.

For the next half millennium, it was an independent territory rules by Jewish kings, among them Saul, David and Solomon (1200 to 721 BC). The arrogance which characterises this people, this nation, was already visible 2,700 years ago, in the kingdom of Rehoboam, who in 726 BC declared: “If you think my father was tough, then watch me! I will be even tougher!”. This arrogance led to the division of the territory into the kingdom of Judah, with its capital in Jerusalem and the kingdom of Israel, whose capital was Samaria.

From 721 BC to 587 BC, the territory belonged to the Assyrians and from 586 BC to 549 BC, to the Babylonians. There followed the Persians until 333 BC, then the Greeks until 143 BC. The Jews, in the territory of Judea, ruled until the arrival of the Romans, in 63 BC, who ruled until 330 AD.

The Romans dominated the area after numerous wars, during which was the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, by the Jewish authorities, him being one of the many religious and political leaders crucified for his actions against the vested interests of the High priests, who held their posts for life and had substantial privileges and a birthright to a life of luxury which was totally unacceptable at a time when the people were struggling against starvation. Jesus of Nazareth was the only such leader whose magnetism projected him into the annals of history.

The Byzantine Empire took over the territory when the Roman Empire split into the Eastern and Western Empires and they ruled until 638 AD, when the Arab expansion started, begun by the prophet Mohammed. They controlled the area for the next 400 years, until the arrival of the Christian Crusaders, in 1099. The massive expense in human and economic terms by the western European nations lasted only two centuries, for in 1291, the Sultanate of Egypt invaded the area and rules it until the arrival of the Ottoman Turks in 1517, who practised a policy of religious tolerance, unlike the Jews.

Precisely 200 years later, in 1917, the area was declared a British Protectorate, a situation which lasted until the independence of the state of Israel on May 14th, 1948.

4,000 years later, after a genetic pool involving so many civilisations and peoples, the arrogance of the sons of Isaac in Israel and the determination of the sons of Ishmael continues to create conflict.


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