6 New Ambassadors Received in Kremlin

Today the Russian President received credentials from the ambassador designates of Greece, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea, Afghanistan, Romania and the Kingdom of Lesotho in Vladimir's Hall in the Kremlin. The Afghan ambassador is Ahmad Zia Masud, the brother of the former leader of Northern Alliance Ahmad Shah Masud assassinated last year. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Putin said that 'global anti-terrorism strategy today is more than just well coordinated joint efforts of the world community. It is establishing a solid legal base to fight terrorism, cutting off its financial support and destroying its infrastructure.' He stressed that he considered intercepting terrorists' financing channels to be one of the most urgent tactical missions in the global anti-terrorism strategy. Unless terrorism is stripped of its money, struggle against it will bear no long-term fruits.

Vladimir Putin further noted that to assure world peace and stability the attention should be concentrated on curbing the spread of the weapons of mass destruction, creating effective weapon control mechanisms, building mutual trust, settling regional conflicts and fighting economic backwardness. These goals can be attained only if they are based on the UN's coordinating authority. 'We have entered the new century intending to make our civilisation more stable and advanced, but the lack of regional stability, drug trafficking, ecological crisis, economic underdevelopment and international terrorism still stand in our way,' the Russian President stated.

When addressing the ambassadors, Mr. Putin stressed that from then on the solution to many problems, as well as establishing strong friendly international relations would partly depend on them and their work.

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