Ukrainian knight of science disproves Einstein and prepares himself for solving gravitation’s mystery

Well known scientist and inventor from the city of Cherkassy, member of Russian Academy of Science Leonid Fominsky has been awarded for his contribution to science with Russian inter-academy prize – Knight of Science order. The ceremony of decorating was carried out in Moscow, in All-Russian Exhibition Centre, where Fominsky arrived to participate in conversion exhibition Products and Technologies of Double Purpose. As L.Fominsky reported to PRAVDA.Ru correspondent, the exhibition had been organized by Russian Defence Ministry, Rosaviakosmos agency, Russian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, Russian Ammunition Agency, Russian Academy of Science and other respectable institutions. The subject of the exhibition is really impressive: nanotechnology, robotics, materials with specified characteristics, aircosmic systems, laser technologies, non-traditional energy. With the latter subject, the Cherkassy inventor is directly connected. L.Fominsky together with Moldavian inventor Yury Potapov participated in working out of vortical heat-generator producing three times more energy than it consumes electric power. For a very long time, such high effectiveness has been a mystery for the developers themselves, though the answer was found in Fominsky’s theoretical works. Latest modification of the heat-generator was presented at the exhibition as a project of International Scientific and Technical Centre of Space Objects’ Paying Loads for which L.Fominsky works. The heat-generator awarded Big Gold Medal of All-Russian Exhibition Centre. At the moment, two Russian Works (in the city of Kovrov and in the city of Istra) serialize the heat-generator of Potapov. Fominsky states that such high effectiveness of his plant could be explained with processes of cold nuclear synthesis (theoretical basis of the heat-generator’s work was expounded by him in some scientific works published in Ukraine). Leonid Fomisky expressed regret because of some troubles he ran into while trying to serialize of the heat-generator in Ukraine. “While the subject of energy supply is very important for our country, - he said. – Because installation of such generators in houses allows to refuse from heating systems and two times decreases expenses for heating. Though, either authorities or private capital in Ukraine have not expressed yet their interest in realization of this project.” Ukraine did not pay attention to one more project. It seems to be far from space technologies, and looks like an ordinary small stove. Though, at the conversation exhibition this stove was awarded with a gold medal as well. “It is a very effective energy settling, - Fominsky explains. – It weights 28 kg and consumes 4 kg of firewood a day, actually four logs, while it heats a 50-square-metre room! Imagine, if in a private house such a stove is used, only two cubic metres of wood are necessary for the whole winter. There are also other modifications, for example, for baths. Such stove needs already two cubic metres of wood a day. It is a necessary thing for regions without heating systems. Are these heating systems really necessary? It is, probably, more actual to work out and to introduce nuclear energy settlings.” Apropos, among settlings of International Science and Technical Centre of Space Objects’ Paying Loads, there are quantum heating generators, quantum thermoelectric power stations, wind-electric stations, quantum engines, solar concentrators of radiant energy. All of them are reserved with Russian patents. Leonid Fominsky supposes that most of these things could have an “Ukrainian patent and serve for Ukraine.” Though, before view on science should be changed in Ukraine. The scientist intends not to stop on what was achieved. In his book “Wonder of Fall”, Fominsky continues to search for Einstein’s mistakes and finds them. For example, he regards as a mistake Einstein’s derivation of the formula of gravitation parallax of spectral light lines, he also assumes that there is “extra-metagalaxy velocity of light” (which must be much bigger than earth velocity of light in vacuum. He writes about movement within time (“…time axis is only a mathematical method, reflecting only internal rotatory movement of matter in fundamental particles”) and presents “fragmentary drafts” gravitation theory. “There is no main conclusion about what it is – gravitation, - Fominsky writes. – though acceleration of the clock’s course and of all periodic processes in gravity field is enough to cause many publications on the subject.” Whether this theoretical investigations will be practically realized or not, let us see. Andrei Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

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