Rexhepi Rejects Chashule’s Accusations

The prime minister of Kosovo Bajram Rexhepi rejected the allegations raised by the Macedonian minister of foreign affairs, Slobodan Chashule, who said unilateral revision of state border, with no prior agreement, is declaration of war. Rexhepi said this statement is insinuation by Macedonian government, Pristina’s news agency Kosovalife.

"Passage of declaration by parliament against the agreement at the expense of Kosovo and submitting such declaration to the un security council is a national obligation. Such move should not be seen as inciting war," Rexhepi said.

Kosovo’s prime minister announced recently that Kosovo institutions do not recognize the border demarcation agreement signed by Skopje and Belgrade. He underlined that some 2,500 hectares had been taken away from Kosovo and added to Macedonia’s territory.

Macedonian foreign minister raised strong objections to Rexhepi’s statement, noting that unilateral revision of state border is a declaration of war.

"We neither incite war nor we have any intention to attack anybody. This is an insinuation by Macedonian government," Rexhepi told the reporters in Pristina, adding that his intention is to defuse the growing tension in Vitina municipality and the border zone along Macedonia-Kosovo border.

Rexhepi gave a message to Macedonian government to solve problems in its own countries. "We will comply with the un security council resolution 1244, and Macedonian government should also comply with the pledges set out in the ohrid agreement. The international factor will also comply with its commitments. This is the only way to restore stability in the region," Rexhepi said

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