“Clinton wanted to go down the history as the first man to bomb China”

In his speech at the Hague tribunal, Milosevic said that NATO assisted Osama bin Laden in Kosovo, even being unaware of the fact. The ex-president of Yugoslavia declared that Al Qaeda was one of the fundamentalist organizations that sent their militant groups for the assistance of their religious brothers in Kosovo. On the other side, the USA helped Kosovo’s Muslims in their struggle against Orthodox Serbs.

“The attacks against New York and Washington revealed the real face of terrorism sponsored by you when it turns against you," said Slobodan Milosevic at the Hague tribunal. He also thinks that the West itself is guilty of crimes against humanity. Milosevic says that the value of the tribunal is insignificant, “if it refuses to make NATO and its military leaders answerable for their deeds." It was declared at the tribunal that hundreds of ethnic Albanians who left Kosovo during the NATO bombings were forced to do so because their countrymen, and not Serbs, pressed them to do so. The Kosovo Liberation Army treated the Albanians leaving the country like betrayers. The ex-president of Yugoslavia thinks that it was done to create the illusion of an "exodus." The people were met by dozens of TV cameras to get reports about “barbarities of the Serbs” for the entire world.

Slobodan Milosevic also spoke of NATO’s evil deeds. In his words, President Clinton wanted to go down the history as the first man to bomb Chinese territory. He did not dare attack China itself but bombed China’s embassy in Belgrade during the “air war” against Yugoslavia. The USA refers to mistakes made by the CIA agents involved in the preparation of the operation. They are said to have used old maps (this one fact demonstrates the degree of their competence), which is why they thought that a military object was on the very spot that was later bombed. In fact, as Yugoslavia’s ex-president says, no military objects have ever been on that place, which is why the USA was accused of the premeditated bombing of the Chinese territory.

Germany’s intelligence was also mentioned in Milosevic’s speech at the tribunal. He said the German intelligence was gathering Albanian terrorists and criminals all around Europe, where they were abundant. Those people were transported to Kosovo to struggle against Christians. Bin Laden, in his turn, wanted to turn the rebellious land of Kosovo into a starting point for a real struggle with “the unfaithful” in the Balkans and in Europe. NATO acted as Osama’s ally in the struggle against Christianity.

Slobodan Milosevic is sure that the West should be thankful of the Serbs, as they accepted the blow of Muslim terrorists. If there was no Serbia, some of them would be “conveyed in chains from Afghanistan to the base in Guantanamo." “Americans convey terrorists from Afghanistan to the Island of Freedom and, at the same time, demand for a release of all Albanian extremists in Yugoslavia, which sounds rather astonishing.”

In Milosevic’s words, there are enough documents to confirm the participation of fundamentalists in the struggle against Serbs. Western special services knew even before the Sept.11 events that Osama bin Laden controlled his followers’ activity in Kosovo himself.

When NATO occupied Kosovo in 1999, over one hundred Serbian Orthodox churches were destroyed. The same way the Taliban destroyed the Buddha statues in Afghanistan. Now Kosovo, which is considered by the Serbian people to be “a spiritual and state center of the territory," is under the control of Albanian drug mafia and slave traders.

Slobodan Milosevic also mentioned that he would like to ask Clinton, Albright, Kinkel, Schroeder, Blair, and Annan a few questions. These people were connected with the Balkan settlement talks, and before the attacks against Milosevic, they treated him as a peacemaker.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

In the photo by Srpska Politika: Victims of NATO aggression

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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