Is Former mayor of New York America’s next president?

Former mayor of New York is not going to give up the career. Rudolph W. Giuliani is extremely popular in America now. He is the man of the year, according to Time magazine.

Before the terror attack of September 11, Giuliani was a well known politician. However, he gained the wide recognition as one of the leaders to supervise the liquidation of the consequences of the attacks on the WTC. The courage, exercised by Giuliani, made a lot of Americans and foreigners respect him. As Time wrote, Giuliani became the voice of the America, while President Bush was out of sight during those days. Millions of people were feeling a bit better, when he appeared on television or radio. His words were full of grief and firmness, raising the spirit of the nation.

Giuliani himself said that he was simply trying to be optimistic during those days: “When I said that the city would go through this, I was not sure about it, I was hoping for it. I was not listening to that part of me, which was telling me that we were not going to bear that all.”

Giuliani’s popularity was good for the incumbent mayor of New York, millionaire Michael Bloomberg. The media tycoon spent $50 million on his election campaign, but his membership in the Republican party played a big role, since Giuliani was also a Republican. A Republican has good chances to win the elections of New York mayor. Money does not really matter in this respect.

Giuliani has recently set out his presidential ambitions. The former mayor of New York reportedly expressed that wish of his during his breakfast in London’s City. It is too early to say that Giuliani is being serious, there is a lot of time before the presidential elections in the States. But George Bush has something to think about: there can be a serious rival amid the Republicans, who is not less popular than the president himself.

It is an open secret that the current high rating of the American president is all about his straight-out, sometimes absurd struggle with terrorism. Americans like that. They even forgive Bush’s indecent situation, connected with Enron’s bankruptcy. What is going to happen, when the electorate pays attention on the economic problems of their own country? Will the president be as popular then? This will be the time for Rudolph W. Giuliani to step into the spotlight, having the image of the decisive politician, capable of solving any problems. George W. Bush’s team is ought to listen to the words that Giuliani is saying now.

Oleg Artyukov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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