Homeless person accused of Russian Block arson in Kiev

Alexandr Gorobets reports from Ukraine At night on January 30, in Kiev, unknown persons pelted headquarters of Russian Block with ignition compound bottles. Kiev office of Ukraina.Ru Internet-edition suffered from this attack as well. As a result of the fire, the office was seriously damaged, while nobody was injured just by chance. Kiev police found the culprit very soon. According to the police, that was a homeless person, while the whole incident does not have any political reason. Everything looks comically, if not taking into account the fact that after the new internal minister’s appointment all great cases in Ukraine are being solved easily. After Y.Smirnov became the minister, he for example declared that the Gongadze’s case had been disclosed by the police. According to him, the killers were found, though they are unfortunately dead. The Public Prosecutor General’s Office had to refute this fact, to explain to the public that the criminals settling scores have nothing to do with Gongadze. Though the minister was not confused: he could be mistaken at least. The murder of journalist I.Alexandrov was disclosed easily as well, while accusing a homeless man. Though this sickly person hardly could kill athletically built Igor Alexandrov. Yes, there are too many questions. The trial that starts in the city of Slavyansk will probably answer some of them. Russian Block’s leadership considers as an absurd the version with the homeless person. According to it, some Ukrainian functionaries lost sense of reality. Instead of an effective counteraction to provocation aimed at knocking together Russia and Ukraine, they are performing a play,” – the head of Russian Block, Alexandr Svistunov said. According to co-chairman of the block, Ivan Simonenko, they could have agreed that to be a chance, if it had not been one more link in the series of similar provocation. Believing the investigation’s logic, one could suppose that on December 16, Kiev young people were also attacked by homeless people with masks and cudgels, while the same homeless men slaughtered Grigory Zinchenko in Chernigov on January 14 and exploded Russian cultural centre last May. Alexandr Svistunov supposes such actions are aimed at fomentation of international dissension. While fools are being made not only of Russians who live in Ukraine, but of Russia too, and of Russian ambassador in Ukraine. According to Svistunov, this would further undermining Ukraine’s authority. Russian Block states this arson to be nothing but an act of political terror, and systematic character of such acts should seriously concern the Ukrainian leadership. “While lack of proper reaction one more time signifies we were right while deciding to take part in the election,” – the Block’s officials suppose. Russian Block insists on a more careful investigation of all cases of attacks and calls the competent bodies to put an end to the Russophobe actions.

Alexandr Gorobets PRAVDA.Ru Kiev Ukraine

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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